Sonntag, 15. Oktober 2017

Album of the Week#314: Leningrad - Datchniki (2000)

Allrighty, folks. Actually I thought that I would write this review in three languages but.... my head is splitting up in two.

"Datchniki" is the third album of Leningrad, one of Russia's most hated and loved band. Loved by their fans, hated by the government officials. Leningrad hail from St. Petersburg and at that time they were playing simple Ska-fueled Punkrock. But, to be honest, mostly Ska-Punk is pretty "nice" and rarely filled with a fuck ton of curse words. These are part of the so-called "Russian Mat" which is the name for russian profanity. Every song here is full of it. That's why, when I was young and used
to listen to this album on my cassette player I started to frighten a bit. So much curse words! I'm not supposed to listen to this. That's nothing for a kid like me!

The songs on "Datchniki" tell us simple stories of russian people. Vocalist Sergey "Shnur" Shnurov tells them from his point of view. Mostly they follow the simple rule: It's about drugs, alcohol and women. Drugs and alcohol in dysfunctional relationships lead to break-ups which lead to even more drugs and alcohol. Sometimes the narrator is escaping into fantasy worlds. In those worlds he's the Terminator or even Agent 007. On the other hand the song also about being fucked-up and getting nagged on by the non-existing wife.

All in all. "Datchniki" is fun to listen to. Mostly, I couldn't sit still and had to jump around. It's simple, full of offensive language and kind of a kick in the head. Even if you don't understand a single word. You have to at least, kind of, have nothing against ska.

8,75/10 deposit bottles
songs you have to listen to: Terminator, 007, Hui w pal'to, Datchniki, Kogda net deneg

Freitag, 13. Oktober 2017

Film of the Week#310: Half Baked (1998)

Allrighty then!

What he have here is a genuine, stupid as fuck, stoner movie. Which is actually only watchable when stoned. So, I don't know get stoned I guess? lol

"Half Baked" tells us a story of four childhood friends: Thurgood Jenkins (Dave Chappelle), Scarface
(Guilermo Diaz), Brian (Jim Breuer) and Kenny (Harland Williams). All four of them are huge stoners who nowadays are still hanging out together. However, Kenny goes to jail - he accidentaly killed a police horse called Buttercup. He didn't know that the animal was diabetic and fed a bunch of sweets. Anyways, the rest of the gang decide to sell marijuana so they can bail Kenny out of jail. They put a business called "Mr. Nice Guy".

All I can say about this movie is: You should only watch if you do not care about your brain cells. It has something like a subconscious message a lá "don't do drugs" but it totally fails. Instead you should just chill out and enjoy the view of four stoners who have a specific approach to life. And yeah, it's about friendship too. It's a good dumb movie, not a bad one.

7,5/10 deposit bottles

Dienstag, 10. Oktober 2017

Comic Book Review#312: Hitman#1000000 (2000) (english)

Allrighty then. Here comes mah fayvrit.

Hitman, better known as Tommy Monaghan. He's an irish-american resident of Gotham City and uhm, well... a Hitman. By the way, he has some superpowers. He's able to read people's minds and see through buildings. Those powers were given to him by aliens, as far as I know. Because of his blackened eyes he wears sunglasses.

Well, this story here takes place in the 853rd century. This is the century, in which the 1.000.000th issue of "Action Comics" would come out if DC would still exist. It's the year 85.271. So there are those witty, snotty teenagers who want to become superheroes. That's why they mess with a time machine which should teleport Batman from the 20th century. Instead of Batman, they get Tommy who is pretty much pissed off about this. Long story short, shit gets hot. A bunch of superheroes appears and gets in a dramatic fight with each other. Tommy kicks ass.

Typical, funny and over-the-top stuff from Garth Ennis and John McCrea. You know it, they love the superhero multiverse and they even more enjoy to make fun of it. The "DC One Million" Event of that time was already over the top, so it's clear that they HAD to make it even worse/better. Typical scenario of a guy who wakes up in a world he doesn't belong to. I had fun while reading.

8,5/10 deposit bottles